*All About Me*


I love, and I mean really love receiving snail mail (but, don’t we all?) Something tangible, that you can hold in your hands like a letter seems to be far more personal, not like this new fangled email thing that we have these days. I love it when I wake up, go downstairs, and on the mat is a nice pile of mail, all for me. Not bills or any of those postal nasties that you only seem to receive these days, but nice little snippets of peoples lives from around the world it makes me feel happy. In doing so I’ve learnt so much about the world and other cultures, I also never realized how addictive it is. I started this blog in order to document my incoming and outgoing mail, mainly so I was able to keep track of it all visually.

My interests are so varied I couldn’t possibly list them all, but I’ll leave you with my biggest to peruse over…

Tea, I drink way to much for a normal person and I’m always looking for new ones to try. Cultural tea rituals? Tell me about yours.

People, I  love knowing how they think and just what makes them tick! The kinds of things that never normally come up in conversation, their secrets, biggest regrets, inner thoughts they rarely share with the world. The things that we keep to ourselves scared how the world would react, the things you talk to yourself about and bizarre thought processes we all have. Tell me about the things you hate or something that you are really passionate about! Sometimes I spend hours people watching, wondering whats going on in their heads as they go about their daily existence.

Philosophy is my life, if you want to talk to me about this, go for it! I don’t mean the kinda of philosophy you find in self help books, the academic kind. I like most writers in the field but predominately I favor Albert Camus, Jean-Paul Sartre, Martin Heidegger, Epicurus, Betty Cannon and many more. Existentialism, Semantics, AbsurdismPhilosophy of mind and the idea of the ‘self’ is my thing. Anything to do with Psychoanalysis floats my boat. I’m really into the idea if whether or not we can have an authentic view of our ‘self’, if that is possible at all. Morality and sex is another big one for me, and things to do with the act of censorship, be it in the ‘self’, film, literature, pornography, ideas, and well anything. I’m one of these odd people that pretty much knows the British OPA by heart. Do I believe in freedom of speech? Something I can never truly answer, even though I don’t believe in censorship. Have an argument on why I should? post me it!

Film, Cooking (swap recipes with me?), Knitting, Sewing, Art (in most forms) Books, Science fiction, drug and addiction memoirs, Biochemistry, Computer programmingPharmaceutics, Mental Health, Concepts of reality…. Wow I really could go on forever. I’m into a bit of everything. So I’ll stop here.

Oh yeah, also, about me.

I was born February 19th 1988, I live in England, I don’t drink or take drugs, try to eat healthy and my only vice is cigarettes (and obviously my mail habit).

Lets share some ideas and conversation on paper the old fashioned way! Write to me here.

*No Awards please*