I got accepted!!! :D

by teacritter




After the most stressful day yesterday, only made worse by the fact that there were only a couple of places left on the MSc out of a tiny 20 places, with 6 people being interviewed for those places :S

I got my offer today.

I’m in!

And I also got the placement area I was happy with, the only other one available would have meant travelling miles to get to work placements at 6-7am in the mornings, as I don’t actually drive this would have made it incredibly awkward (Public transport can be so totally unreliable these days!). Still miles to travel but at least I know the areas I’m going and I know the transport services to get there will be semi-reliable. All in all, a big sigh of relief!


Bring on the following 2 years of being incredibly poor and over worked with no time what so ever for a social life!


(As of tomorrow I shall resume with my normal mail related updates)