OK OK OK!….great news right? :-/

by teacritter

So 30 minutes ago I got a call…

About my MSc Application…

I have an interview consisting of panel interview, group discussion, literacy and numeracy tests from 9am all the way to 3pm NEXT WEDNESDAY! That’s like only 6 days! 😥


I only put in my finalised application with all the bells and whistles on Monday!


(Below please find the visual representation of me and my emotions in the 5 minutes following said phone call)

 ecstatic Glass-Breaking-Omg   Com_Hem_Sommar_2010_Omg_Cat_stoppweb_16x9 tumblr_m8psgkt1oY1rr90ag  looper-phototumblr_m7ledvQNcO1qg0xif


I feel that this aptly depicts the current mood that followed..

Man I need to go get a nice suit 😦

Well I mean I need some new nice formal trousers to go with my epic ‘Beetle Juice’ shirt.


I feel a pencil skirt will be inappropriate this time.